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Colorado State Verbal Commit Zach Golditch Wounded At Movie Theatre Shooting

Early Friday morning, there was a tragedy at an Aurora, Colo., movie theatre during The Dark Knight Rises when a gunman entered the theatre and started shooting at the audience. The result saw 12 deaths and 59 others wounded by the incident.

This is relevant here because 2013 Colorado St. Rams recruit Zack Golditch was hurt during the incident, he was with current Colorado State wide receiver David Anderson and not injured. The two were no in the theatre that was shot, but the two were in an adjacent theatre when a bullet struck Golditch just below his ear and exited by his hairline.

Luickly for Golditch, the wound was not serious, and here is his description of what happened to him:

"It was at the scene of the movie where a firearm was pulled and shots were fired. It kind of sounded like black cats went off," said Golditch.

"Everyone kind of looked around the theater and this guy had like a hole in his arm. Everyone just thought they were firecrackers so we turned back to the movie, and that's when my ears started ringing and I fell on my friend. I was fearful of another firecracker coming to hit me."


"I just went in one side and out the other. I also have a pretty deep cut from where it hit," he said. "There was no serious damage at all. Luckily for me, it missed everything. It's a blessing."

Golditch was taken to the hospital and spent just over five hours before he left early Friday morning. He also posted on his twitter account this afternoon:

What a terrible situation for what happened to all who just wanted to see a movie.

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