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Nine Colorado State Football Games Will Be Shown Locally On KTVD 20, According To Report

The Colorado St. Rams have become the first team within the Mountain West to land a deal to broadcast the remaining of their football games. Currently the only three games that were receiving coverage were against Boise State on the NBC Sports Network, an ESPN3 game against San Jose State and the Rocky Mountain Showdown against Colorado which is on FX.

Colorado State athletic director Jack Graham had said he was working with ROOT Sports and Altitude to carry the remaining games. Well, that did not work out and now the remaining nine Colorate State games can be seen locally on KTVD 20.

Graham provided a statement on getting the remaining nine games on television:

"Nine of our football games will be on Channel 20. That's a big success, in my opinion. So, we were able to solve our problem ourselves without the assistance of the conference."

That is a success to local fans, but for those who live out of the area -- unless somehow these games are on ESPN3 -- are out of luck and will not be able to see Colorado State play that much this year. So once again, those who say the Mtn. was a bad idea you are wrong, because with the Mtn. people could have seen all of these games regardless of where they lived. Now it is back to radio and highlights, or find a friend who will be kind enough to use their Slingbox to follow the game.

One thing that is odd is that how Colorado State can broadcast the remaining nine games when three of those are on the road at Air Force, San Diego State and Wyoming. What that says to me is that those games are not picked up by Altitude, ROOT Sports, ESPN or any other entity that those schools have been working with.

This sheds a light on those other schools television negotiations, also it means the Border War at Wyoming will be only shown to a local audience.

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