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Mountain West Conference vs. the BCS Schools for 2012

There are 14 notable games between the Mountain West Conference schools and the so-called Big Name Schools (BCS) from different leagues inside the football cartel this year. And many more are scheduled to take place during the next few seasons before the BCS changes its name and reinvent itself as a new entity. All but two of the 14 matchups are away games for MWC teams. Here's an alphabetical rundown of MWC teams and their BCS opponents on the schedule this season:

2012 Mountain West Schools vs. the BCS Schools:

Air Force at Michigan, Sept. 8 Boise State at Michigan State, August 31 Colorado State at Colorado, Sept. 1 Fresno State at Oregon, Sept. 8 Fresno State at Colorado, Sept. 15 Hawaii at Southern Cal, Sept. 1 Nevada at California, Sept. 1 Nevada at South Florida, Sept. 8 New Mexico at Texas, Sept. 8 New Mexico at Texas Tech, Sept. 15 San Diego State at Washington, Sept. 1 UNLV vs. Minnesota, August 30 UNLV vs. Washington State, Sept. 14 Wyoming at Texas, Sept. 1 It’s just way too early to guess the outcomes of these games or discuss the point spread.

I’m just kidding, of course, and I have found that I am far from alone in that department. Speculations and point spreads have been popping up for some time now, including here. The bookies down in Vegas have been crunching the numbers and running the hypotheticals since spring ball. And why not with the first game opening the MWC season on August 30 in Las Vegas itself? I'm talking about the UNLV Rebels vs. Minnesota Gophers of course. One site I saw has Minnesota by 14. As far as I am concerned if the Rebels can cover the spread I can almost call that a win.

Another site I have seen has the Boise State vs. Michigan State showdown on August 31 a win for the Spartans with the Broncos a six-point underdog. That might be a realistic spread for most pundits, but you have to consider that the points have been made before the Broncos have even announced who will be their starting quarterback. Right now, not many are giving this game to the Broncos.

Some of these other early projections are very interesting as well. While Oregon has a 35-point spread over Fresno State, the ‘Dogs are a 4-point favorite to turn right around the next week and put the bite on Colorado. In another scenario, New Mexico falls to both Texas by 42.5 points and to Texas Tech by 34. Hummm. With new head coach Bob Davie revamping the Lobo’s defense with the 3-4 scheme, and OC Bob DeBesse going to the Pistol attack, it could be the Texas teams might be surprised to find that New Mexico is not going to be the doormat everyone remembers from previous seasons.

Will Air Force drop to Michigan by 24 points or Wyoming to Texas by a whopping 31? I have to hope the Falcons will take it to the Wolverines, and that our Pokes will play with that chip on their shoulder after being portrayed as a Big 12 patsy.

The point spreads I mention here are strictly fodder for reading but they do offer up something to kick around. As the season draws closer, and fall camps change the lineups the spreads are sure to tighten. But for now the David and Goliath matchups are both exciting and interesting to think about.