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PHOTO: UNLV Getting New Helmets For 2012 Season

The UNLV Rebels announced earlier on Monday morning that the 2012 team will have a new set of uniforms, and hopefully somehow these new helmets will help the team be more competitve in the Mountain West. These new helmets bring back a lot of elements that have been removed over the years.

First is that there is a scarlet stripe that has not been on the helmet since 1989, and that is the most drastic change, the face mask is gray and the white UNLV on the side of the helmet has not been seen since 2004.

Well here are images released for the new helmets.

More photos after the jump.

These seem to pop more than the prior helmetes that were a different shade of gray with the UNLV in red outlined by black. The white letter makes the helmet have a more clean look, and the stripe is a nice addition.

There is no word on if the uniforms will have a new look.

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