A new UNLV look.

One thing is for sure. UNLV is not afraid to spend money regardless of the sport. UNLV just announced a new look coming to the football team for the upcoming season. This I can only imagine is to entice fans to come out to the games considering UNLV has only won 2 games last season. With the news of the new stadium, there is a lot of pressure on Hauck to get this program turned around. UNLV even as bad as it has been is still averaging over 21000 a game. That is pretty good considering that they play in a dust bowl 7 miles away from campus. So to help keep things fresh UNLV has introduced the new helmets. They can be seen in the following link

But will the new look help with wins ?

The current line this season for UNLV is 2.5 games. That is pretty weak considering UNLV has 4 home games to start the season.UNLV will play a total of 7 home games. Last year UNLV had 5 home games and a tough non-AQ schedule. Hauck is looking to shake off the Sanford schedules that were already preset. It looks a little easier playing Minnesota and Washington State then having to travel to Madison, Wisconsin. After looking at this years schedule this is a stronger UNLV team facing one of it's weakest schedules in 5 years. I strongly believe they can win 5 games this season.

Minnesota - Winnable

Northern Arizona - Win

Washington State - Tough but Winnable

Air Force - Winnable

@ Utah State - Winnable

@ Louisana Tech - Loss

Nevada - Rival Game as much as I want a win will take a miracle.

@Boise State - Loss

@San Diego State - Winnable ( I Really think SDSU lost too much last year)

New Mexico - win ( UNLV won't be playing it's third string quarter back this year. UNLV should have won last year.

@Colorado State - Winnable

Wyoming - Loss

@ Hawaii - (New Coach ) Last game of the season winnable

There are actually 9 winnable games on the schedule this year. The biggest issue is can UNLV actually win on the road which is something that Hauck is yet to do.