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Craig Thompson Sees Eight-Team Playoff Down The Road

One thing that Craig Thompson is good as the Mountain West commissioner has been proactive in proposing playoff ideas, and he is back at it again. Thompson predicts that the current four-team playoff model will not last the full 12-year commitment, but he sees an eight-team playoff in the near future:

"I know we're saying four teams for 12 years," Thompson said. "But I don't see it as a four-team playoff for 12 years. I just don't see it. If there is success with four, I think we will go to what is most ideal, which is eight. That would double the access points."

Thompson also went on to mention that he feels, and rightfully so, that Utah and TCU when they made their BCS runs that they could have played with any team in the country, and that those teams would of had a very good chance of making a four-team playoff.

The BCS presidents that make the decision decided on this format, and they wanted to have a long term plan in place with a small playoff. We know the money will be good, and it would make sense that some where around the midway point that the current playoff plan will be reviewed. We all know the money will be there and it might be too much to ignore to stay pat with a four-team model for the long term. Doubling the size to eight could theoretically double the payout, and right now the projected revenue is $500 million a year with a four-team playoff.

Of course, the reason Thompson brings up an expanded playoff is because in the current four-team model it is still very difficult for one of the Mountain West teams to make a run at a playoff berth. Eight teams will still be tough, but it will be exponentially easier to earn a spot at the table and be able to actually play for a national championship.

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