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Boise State Still Has Yet To Comment About Their Withdraw From Mountain West

The news broke just before the June 30 deadline that Boise State finally decided to officially leave the Mountain West, and then proceeded with their original plan of joining the Big East as a football-only member.

While the fate of their non-football sports are still up in the air, but odds are that nothing has been decided about their future, which was expected. However, the non-football sports are still scheduled to join the WAC.

However, the unexpected news is that Boise State has been quiet ever since the news broke:

Murphy is right, this is a strange tactic to take by not making any sort of announcement. There is nothing on their twitter feed or on their official athletic website.

It is just curious that nothing has been said at all on their decision, because there is already confirmation by all Mountain West schools who were required to receive written notice. With Boise State waiting until the last possible moment it would make sense for them to even send out a brief comment, and then say they will have a press conference scheduled for Monday.

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