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Mountain West Team Ratings For NCAA Football 2013 Leaked

Fall camps still do not open for another eight weeks or so which means there is little actual football to talk about. However, NCAA Football '13 is about to be released in a month and the team ratings have been leaked via Tradition Sports Online.

These ratings are not official because things can still change, and I suspect that Colorado State's rating, at least on defense, will be lowered due to expulsions and transfers.

Being lazy that I am I copied this nifty chart for the Mountain West team ratings from Cowboy Altitude.

Air Force 75 75 73 3
Boise State 89 89 82 6
Colorado State 83 81 80 2
Fresno State 87 89 78 2
Hawaii 79 78 80 2
Nevada 83 83 80 3
New Mexico 65 64 69 1
San Diego State 83 84 79 3
UNLV 63 67 61 2
Wyoming 79 78 80


Off the cuff someone at EA Sports must know something I don't know about Colorado State. Not sure how they are tied for the third best team rating with San diego State and Nevada.

Here are some quick thoughts on each Mountain West team:

Air Force - The Falcons are rated as only better than UNLV and New Mexico. Could be due to losing quarterback Tim Jefferson, running back Asher Clark and other, but do not expect the Falcons to finish eighth in the Mountain West. It is hard to judge the service academy players, but at Air Force they plug in new guys who do just fine.

Boise State - Despite losing a good number of starters on offense and defense they end up with a 89 overall, and I think that is probably a few points too high. It is respect I guess, which is also why they get the highest rating for prestige at a six. I think the offense at an 89 is too high since they just lost Kellen Moore, but until Boise State really drops off it is hard to complain.

Colorado State - Not sure how the Rams earned an 83 for overall and over 80 for offense and defense. I am guessing that since these are not official that the defense will drop down since they lost five players to transfer and/or suspension. The offense at 81 I am fine with since their running game should be above average in the Mountain West.

Fresno State - They do have the best quarterback and running back, according to Phil Steele. Plus they will have one of the best receiving corps in the league, but an 89 on offense. Not sure if I am buying that right now. However, wit that 78 defense they better hope the offense is that explosive.

Hawai'i - Seeing their offense below 80 seems as a shock. Yes, Hawai'i has a new quarterback and new head coach in Norm Chow, but I highly doubt Chow will change the pass happy offense since it has been so successful over the years.

Nevada - It is hard to see where the Wolfpack should be ranted, they do have an overall number of 83 which is the same as their offense. They do have quarterback Cody Fajardo who will get the job fulltime, and the pistol is difficult to defend. I think their offense should be couple of points higher.

New Mexico - They are not the worst team in all of FBS, which is a shock. They somehow edge out UNLV which is a bit of a shock. Nothing else to add.

San Diego State - The 83 for offense seems generous since they just lost their best-ever quarterback in Ryan Lindley and second best back of all time in Ronnie Hillman. Also, Rocky Long is not much of an offensive innovator. Nice try EA.

UNLV - The Rebels have the worst rating of any team in the Mountain West with a 63 and are tied with newcomers to the FBS ranks in UMass and Texas-San Antonio. Only team lower is Florida Atlantic who has a 60 rating. Pillow fight of the year is New Mexico vs. UNLV.

Wyoming - The Cowboys should be higher as they are going to be a player for the Mountain West title. So, they should at least be above an 80 on offense since they return Brett Smith at quarterback and multiple running backs from last years team.

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