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Mountain West Loses Independence Bowl Tie-In To SEC

The Independence Bowl has been around for 33 years, and for the past two seasons it was a tie-in for the Mountain West's third-best team. Last year the Mountain West representative was swapped out for Missouri, and if I am correct it was so that Air Force could go to the Military Bowl.

Well, that short two-year agreement is over as the SEC is taking over for the Mountain West's spot as the Independence Bowl will be taking the SEC's 10th team. That is a huge drop off from taking the Mountain West's third team, but the bowl which is in Shreveport, La., is not really in Mountain West territory.

With the Independence Bowl no longer affiliated with the Mountain West that leaves the league with four bowl tie-ins for the upcoming season, which is the same as last year. The Mountain West is not losing any post season spots as the Hawai'i Bowl migrates over from the WAC to the Mountain West this upcoming season.

This is not a big loss because the Mountain West team was to face the seventh ACC team, and the other tie-ins feature a comparable opponent -- if not better -- in a location that is more friendly for fans to travel to.

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