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New Hawai'i Chancellor Is Fascinated With The Pac-12

Hawai'i chancellor Tom Apple was only the job for just a short time before he made statements about wanting to get his school into the Pac-12. Never mind that Hawai'i has still yet to join the Mountain West for football or the Big West for the other sports, but I guess one can't blame Apple for being ambitious:

"I won't go dreaming about where we might be, but there is a really good conference out on the West Coast that it would be wonderful to be part of, eventually," Apple said today, alluding to the Pacific-12.

This is not the first time that Hawai'i has tossed its name in the hat to be a part of the Pac-10. They were telling anyone who would listen that they wanted to be part of the Pac-12.

Of course teams want to move up into one of the power leagues, but Hawai'i is an extreme long shot to make it to the Pac-12. I don't think teams will like taking the over six hour plane ride to the islands. We do know Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott wants to expand the brand to the Pacific Rim and Asia, but I don't think he was hinting at adding Hawai'i to make that happen.

Here is probably an inadvertent shot at their future Mountain West conference mates:

"I really believe in many ways you are judged somewhat by the company you keep and, so, I think it is important to have your athletic programs in the best company of universities."

Nice try Apple, but it looks like the Mountain West is going to be the schools home for football for the foreseeable future, because the Pac-12 is not going to be calling.

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