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San Diego State May Still Join Big East Even Without Boise State

Perhaps my assumption was wrong about San Diego State returning to the Mountain West if Boise State also does. To me it just made sense to stay in a stronger basketball league, and not be the only team way out West and play football in the Big East.

San Diego State president Elliot Hirsman said that Boise State's decision does not affect their own future conference affiliation plans:

"I would say it this way: Our interest in the Big East is very, very strong," Hirshman said. "We think it brings critical exposure to our program. It obviously brings revenue opportunities, and so we would still be considering that as an approach to pursue."

Hirshman also said he believes the Big East still would be interested in SDSU without Boise because the league wants a "national" format with a foothold in California's TV and recruiting markets.

One reason that Hirsman wants to stay the course toward the Big East is due to the athletic program needing approximately $16 million in funding from the state, so the extra millions of dollars from a Big East television deal could help off set some of that.

While the Big East offices might feel that they want San Diego State, but does Rutgers, South Florida, Louisville or UConn want San Diego State in the league. The Big East would likely go back after Air Force and BYU if San Diego State does decide to go to the Big East and Boise State stays in the Mountain West.

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