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VIDEO: KLAS Channel 8 In Las Vegas Saying Their Sources Have Boise State Staying In Mountain West

CBS affiliate channel 8 in Las Vegas had their story about their initial report about Boise State staying in the Mountain West which was send out via twitter by Chris Maathuis who is their sports director.

Well, when they went to air the story that was told on the news was that Boise State has not made a decision, but that they cited multiple sources that indicated the Broncos would be staying in the Mountain West. This is still conflicting information from what Brian Murphy from the Idaho Statesman is reporting who is saying no decision has been made.

Basically, we know the same as we knew this past week and that is nothing. Maybe, just maybe we will all wake up tomorrow and find out what Boise State did actually decide.

Here is video of the report:

Huge hat tip to @BSUBronco for keeping me updated on that report and for the video.

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