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Conflicting Reports About Boise State Staying In Mountain West

The silence has been broken on the Boise State to Big East news and there is a report coming from Chris Maathuis of CBS affiliate KLAS channel eight in Las Vegas saying that Boise State is staying in the Mountain West.

Not a shock that a media outlet outside of Boise State would break this news since they have to let all Mountain West schools know in writing that they are leaving.

If this report is accurate then it is a big blow to the Big East and an extremely huge win for the Mountain West to keep Boise State, and now most likely San Diego State. Just to be clear this is the only source saying that Boise State has chosen to spurn the Big East and stay in the Mountain West.

Boise State would still have to pay a $5 million penalty to the Big East for leaving the league prior to joining, but that also means that San Diego State can get out for free.

UPDATE: Of course, as soon as I publish I see that Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman has come out and say that Boise State has not told the Mountain West that they are staying.

Murphy also said that he is hearing that an announcement may not come until Monday.

So, I guess stay tuned.

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