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Decision Day For Boise State To Decide To Leave Mountain West

Today is the day, the June 30 deadline for the Boise St. Broncos to decide if they want to leave the Mountain West and join the Big East while facing a minimal exit fee. If Boise State waits until after June 30 to announce and still join in 2013 the exit fee is at lead $5 million but likely could reach in to the $10s of million, or even more.

Nearly everything has been said for why Boise State should stay, go or delay their entrance to the Big East. In last nigh't podcast we discussed the move from the sides of the Big West, Boise State and the Big East. We know the WAC is not an option unless they can get three teams to get the league up to eight by the fall of 2013, and the only schools that we could think of were Utah Valley University and Cal-State Bakersfield.

Even after talking it out it is still not an easy decision for Boise State to make, because it would take some real stones for their athletic director to disregard their non-football sports.

All the rules state is that a decision needs to be made on or before June 30, so it comes down tonight for a decision to be made. With the deadline being on a Saturday a lot of people thought that Boise State would have made the announcement Friday night, but they will be waiting for the last possible moment.

Odds that the Big West will have a decision by today about letting Boise State in would be extremely high at this point. The league had another straw poll on June 27 and the decision was to not let Boise State. The Big West may just want more money from Boise State.

My thought on what Boise State will do is to leave the Mountain West on Saturday to join the Big East and they will not have a deal in place for their non-football sports and will work on a deal to get those sports in the Big West.

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