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Making The Rounds: All Of The College Playoff News Out There Is Right Here, Well Most Of It There Is A Lot

There are a ton of links in this post which is why this is out later in the day, and there are a ton of more news out there.

College football's 65-year path to postseason playoff - Stewart Mandel -
"'The climate is better than ever' for a national college football championship and a plan for one might be forthcoming in a few months" -- The Associated Press, Aug. 14, 1975

College football playoffs! An internet reacts | Campus Union A look around Twitter of playoff reactions.

Presidents approve seeded four-team college football playoff - Andy Staples -
WASHINGTON -- As 12 university CEOs, 11 conference commissioners and one athletic director waited Tuesday to exit the room where they had made history minutes earlier, public relations guru Ari Fleischer looked back at the group. "Now," Fleischer said, pointing to the room where a stage and cameras waited, "comes the hard part."

Boise State - 2006, 2009 - College Football Teams That Could Have Benefited from a Playoff (Last 50 Years) --
Chris Petersen and the Broncos have become the model for the non-BCS team that never gets a shot. In 2006, Boise State was seen predominantly as a good team in an easy conference until it shocked Oklahoma, 43-42, in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The cries grew louder in 2009, as both Boise State and TCU were undefeated and seemingly worthy contenders for the national title. Instead, the BCS pitted them against one another, quashing any speculation about how smaller-conference teams could compete with the major conferences.

Utah - 2004, 2008 - College Football Teams That Could Have Benefited from a Playoff (Last 50 Years) --
The Utes have gone undefeated twice in the last 10 years, but weren't considered for a berth in the national title game either time. In 2004, coach Urban Meyer and quarterback Alex Smith ran a dizzying offense past pretty much everybody, capping it off with a 35-7 domination of Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl. Utah beat every team it played by at least three possessions. In 2008, the Utes beat Michigan and Oregon State in their nonconference games, but could not earn a BCS championship berth. The Utes went on to shock Alabama, 31-17, in the Sugar Bowl.

TCU - 2010 - College Football Teams That Could Have Benefited from a Playoff (Last 50 Years) --
The Horned Frogs finished a second consecutive season with an undefeated record, but were not selected to play in the national title game because of two undefeated teams (Auburn and Oregon) from major conferences. TCU kept its perfect season intact with a 21-19 victory over Wisconsin in a historic Rose Bowl and finished the 2010 season ranked No. 2 in the polls.

College Football Playoff Schedule Should Look Familiar -
Semifinal games will be on New Years Eve and New Years Day, and the title game a week later.

College Football Playoffs: New 12-Year Contract Could Could Result In $6 Billion TV Deal -
A lot of cash to be had with a reported $500 million per year, but how to divy it up is not known.

College Football Playoff: Selection Committee Criteria Eliminates Need to Watch | Your Best 11
The world is rejoicing as college football has got the playoff that it so desperately "deserved." The dreadful wrongs of the BCS have been righted. However, the criteria to judge the teams can really be technically be done by looking at a box score and schedule.

College Football Playoff: Small Schools Sell Their Competitive Souls for Cash | Your Best 11
The playoff is here, and everyone can be happy, right? No, not really. Unless you're in the Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC or Big 12, what are you really rooting for? If you are just happy that there will be more games to entertain you, then great, root on...

College Football Playoff: Keeping NCAA's Hands out of System Is a Smart Move | Your Best 11
With all of the playoff talk and things like host cities, payouts and death of the BCS being so perfectly popular there is one thing we're not hearing.

College Football Playoff: Assessing Winners and Losers of a 4-Team Showdown | Your Bes 11
College football officially has a playoff. Time to look at the various winners and losers.

College Football Playoff: Coaches Are Needed to Balance Selection Committee | Your Best 11
As we edge closer and closer to a selection committee being the means of selecting the Top Four teams to get into the playoff, everyone has their opinion on what should be done. Regardless of who is on the committee will result in some sort of bias.

What will the playoff system look like? -
Rejoice college football fans, a four-team playoff is coming. What will it look like though? We don't have all the details but here's a good idea of what we will see starting in 2014-2015.

College football playoff: New Final Four unkind to small fry like CSU - The Denver Post

The BCS finally has a stake driven through its heart, but the bowls and the big bucks still reign - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: Rejoice in the implementation of a playoff, but know that college football still kowtows to bowl officials.

Brian Murphy: Boise State could benefit from playoff |
The Bowl Championship Series is dead, brought to its knees by constant criticism from fans and the media, grievously injured by commissioners tired of defending the flawed system and finally swiftly finished off Tuesday by college presidents.

The Case for Why College Football Doesn't Have to Worry About Bracket Creep - Team Speed Kills
College football's playoff won't ever get too big because it would hurt conferences financially too much.