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As Expected, Mountain West's BCS Exemption Was Denied

(Ed. - Adding on to the fan shot about this news)

The BCS got in one last slap in the face parting shot toward the Mountain West by denying their exemption to gain access during the final two years of the BCS. Yes, the BCS is going away with a new four-team playoff that begins in 2014, but it will be even more difficult to gain access to that than the BCS.

The Mountain West got the shaft again, but really it was expected to get rejected. The teams that build the Mountain West up are gone. Utah is off to the Pac-12, BYU took their ball and ran to independence, TCU is off to the Big 12, Boise State and San Diego State are more than likely heading to the Big East (well unless Boise decides to stay).

The numbers back it up that the Mountain West should have been included for the final two years. They were inline with the ACC and Big East from 2008-10, and better in some categories. Now that did include years where Utah and BYU were in the league. However, Boise State actually bettered the Mountain West for highest rated team and adjusted top-25 performance, and they only dropped slightly in the overall combined team rankings.

So, they had the numbers to qualify for a petition and even though TCU's numbers count they are out of the league, and then Boise State and San Diego State would both only be part of the league for one of two years. I guess the committee chose to use that as the criteria.

It is hard to be too upset because the deck was stacked against any league that even came close to earning the criteria the rules would change to favor the six BCS leagues.

Good riddance to the unfair, unapologetic, cash grabbing, exclusionary and rule changing garbage that the BCS truly was. Not even teams in BCS leagues liked the system.

My final shot at the BCS is the all-time win/loss record:

Conference Percentage (Record)

• Mountain West .750 (3-1)
• Southeastern .714 (15-6)
• WAC .667 (2-1)
• Pac-12 .625 (10-6)
• Big Ten .478 (11-12)
• Big East .462 (6-7)
• Big 12 .444 (8-10)
• Atlantic Coast .154 (2-11)
• Independents .000 (0-3)


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