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The BCS Is Dead! A Four-Team College Football Playoff Officially Begins In 2014

The BCS is no more, and a college football playoff is set to begin in two years. The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee approved the four-team playoff model that was presented to them by the conference commissioners:

At 6:00 p.m ET on Tuesday, the presidents and commissioners stood together at a press conference to officially announce the new system of a four-team seeded playoff, which will go into effect beginning in the 2014-15 season. The new playoff contract is set to last 12 years.

The way to choose the four teams still needs to be decided, but what we do know is that the semifinals will rotate among six existing bowls likely among Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Cotton and one other likely the Champions Bowl. The time frame of 12 years is discerning to me who feels a larger playoff would be better, but it is understandable that these commissioners do not want to expand the playoff too fast.

Honestly, I felt a 20-year deal could be put in place, but with the amount of money they will stand to make it is conceivable that there will likely be changes after the first five year of the deal with some tweaks to the system. The BCS did that all the time, so there is hope for a six- , eight- or larger playoff format sooner rather than later.

Everyone celebrate the death of the BCS and even though no system will be perfect, this is a great start.

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