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The BCS could Vote on MWC Exemption this Week

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee is meeting in Washington, D.C. this week and could consider the Mountain West's request for an exemption for inclusion into the BCS on a temporary, two year waiver. It would allow the MWC to participate in the BCS bowl system in line with the one granted to the Big East Conference. In 2014, college football is expected to discontinue the present BCS format in favor a four-team playoff system.

The temporary waiver would allow the MWC champion an automatic berth in one of the five Bowl Championship Series bowl games. But the league's inclusion will take the BCS's Presidential Oversight Committee to vote on it. The MWC requested the exemption last year (December), but the committee has put off any decision on the Mountain West's inclusion for months. Now it's the eleventh hour and BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock is once again foot-dragging on the issue. He is basically saying to the MWC don't hold your breath, the committee has a full plate.

"We don’t know for sure because the agenda next week is pretty full," Hancock told the Idaho Statesman last week. "If time permits, I expect they will take up the matter. If not, they will likely address it in a teleconference later in the summer."


So how does the BCS decision-making system work? The conference commissioners and the Notre Dame athletics director make decisions regarding all BCS issues, in consultation with an athletics directors advisory group. Those decisions are then subject to approval of the Presidential Oversight Committee, a 12-member board who represent all 120 Football Bowl Subdivision programs. But you get the feeling that behind the scenes the decisions are made and agendas set long before they were spoonfed to any oversight committee. The long-awaited Mountain West waiver is a case in point.

Just who are these decision makers on the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee? Lets take look:

Charles W. Steger (chairman) - President, Virginia Tech

Scott Cowen - President, Tulane University

Gary Ransdell - President, Western Kentucky University

Rev. John Jenkins - President, University of Notre Dame

Bernie Machen - President, University of Florida

John G. Peters - President, Northern Illinois University

Bill Powers - President, University of Texas

Max Nikias - President, University of Southern California

Duane Nellis - President, University of Idaho

James Ramsey - President, University of Louisville

John Welty - President, California State University, Fresno

Harvey Perlman - Chancellor, University of Nebraska

Not an over abundance of friends there. It's no wonder the BCS and executive director Hancock has bigger issues to focus on than spending ten or fifteen minutes voting on the two-year, temporary inclusion of the MWC into the BCS system. To be fair, among those bigger items to consider ahead of the MWC bid is the playoff agenda and how to incorporate a playoff system that retains all the power and money for the status quo, while keeping the BCS relevant. Its not easy figuring on ways to carve up all that money among an ever shrinking base of only the most deserving teams and still look ligit.

Even with the use of good time management you need to devote an adequate amount of time for glad-handing, politicking, and engaging in a healthy course of general BSing. The next thing you know there is only enough time left to decide where the next BCS meeting should take place. Sadly, there is just not enough minutes in the day.

How about just resubmitting that waiver again in 2013?