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College Football Playoffs: Four-Team Model Is Agreed Upon By Commissioners

There actually was something accomplished at the BCS meetings that took place on Wednesday, and it was really big news. The conference commissioners agreed to a four-team seeded playoff to begin for the 2014 season with existing bowl games being used as a national semifinal, and the title game being sold to the highest bidder.

While this is not official since this four-team playoff needs to be shown to the university presidents, but the president can also bring up any other idea they have in that meeting; yes, that includes the dreaded plus-one model that will not go away. Also, there is no word on if this four-team model is conference champions, best four teams or a hybrid between those options.

The idea of how teams are chosen has also been a sticking point, but now it looks as if there will be a selection committee to decide the four teams. If a committee is the way the playoff teams are determined an emphasis on teams that win their conference.

So, it looks like the playoff format is nearly set as it will more than likely be a four-team model (the plus-one talk really must die), and with the talk of a selection committee odds are that the final format will be one that features three conference champions and a wild card of some sorts.

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