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Favorite Mountain West Highlights Over The Years

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With this being the off season it is fun to look back and at some of one's favorite highlights from your team, or in our case the entire Mountain West. There are so many to choose from with so many quality highlights from football and basketball. So, what is your favorite Mountain West highlight? It can be from a past, current or future team.

Including teams that at one point were a Mountain West team, this opens up the highlights quite a bit. In football alone there have been four teams associated with the Mountain West who have been to a BCS bowl game with Hawaii, Boise State, Utah and TCU for a grand total of seven times.

I could easily just say the entire 2009 Sugar Bowl where Utah routed Alabama since that whole game was awesome, and fun to watch.

To pick out one highlight from that game it would have to be when Utah went up 21-0 on this play:

Well, that highlight is just not a overall great one, but rather just a cumulative result.

One of my other favorite highlights is when TCU's Tank Carder knocked down the two-point conversion against Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl:

Then there is pre-MWC Boise State who had three of the most famous plays in BCS bowl history at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl:

Les not forget about basketball, and in the history of the Mountain West no player has had more highlights or a bigger phenomenon was BYU's Jimmer Fredette. Here are some of his highlights from a 52 point performance against New Mexico:

Then there is this dunk by Wyoming's Larry Nance Jr. against San Diego State just this past year. It is a near perfect replication of Michael Jordan's famous dunk at the 1984 NBA dunk contest:

Another great game from the 2011-12 basketball season was when UNLV upset North Carolina who was No. 1 in the country at the time:

These are just some of the few highlights in the Mountain West that I found memorable, so now it is your turn to chime in by commenting about these highlights, or talk about your favorite highlights from your favorite team.

If there is enough interaction with links or comments about your favorite highlights, I'll toss up another post of all of these highlights.