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Boise State Prepared To Offer Six Figures To Big West To Join League

Time is close for Boise State to make a decision on if they want to leave the Mountain West by the June 30 deadline, so it is no surprise that they are doing whatever they can to find a spot for their non-football sports. Boise State could wait to declare their intent to leave the Mountain West after June 30, but after that exit penalty increases where Boise State would have to forfeit its final year of revenue plus $5 million or pay double the amount of the final year's revenue, whichever is greater.

The latest move for Boise State is to offer the Big West some cash as an incentive to allow their non-football sports to join the league. The projected figure is somewhere in the six figure ranges, but the linked article above is behind the Hawaii Star-Advertiser's pay wall, so the exact amount and other details are unknown.

Six figures does not sound like it is a lot of money since that fee will likely be split among the teams in the Big West which before June 30 would be nine teams. Unless the amount is at $900,000 each team will get approximately five figures to split up and that may not be enough of an inventive to off set travel to Boise State for basketball and other sports.

So far Cal Poly and Santa Barbara have said that they would take Boise State in if they pay a subsidy fee, and there is a third team that has reportedly said yes which is likely to be San Diego State. Boise State will need eight of 10 Big West members to vote yes to allow them into the league.

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