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Air Force Is 95 Percent Certain To Play On The USS Yorktown In The All-Military Classic

The craze of playing a basketball game on an aircraft carrier is still going strong and the latest team to get involved is the Air Force Falcons when they take part in the 2012 All-Military Classic on Nov. 10 - 11. Originally this four-team tournament was to take place at McAlister Field House on the campus of the Citadel.

However, just a few miles away at the USS Yorktown there is a scheduled double header between the Ohio St. Buckeyes and the Marquette Golden Eagles, and then a women's game featuring Notre Dame and Ohio State. The idea came about because with the aircraft carrier already set to host a basketball game so the cost will be relatively cheap.

Mike Whalen, the executive director of Morale Entertainment Foundation, set up last years Carrier Classic game between North Carolina and Michigan State and said that the All-Military Classic is 95 percent complete to happening.

It is not certain if all four games will be played on the USS Yorktown, but it is expected that the Nov. 10 games between Air Foce vs. Army and the Citadel vs. VMI will be on the ship, but the Nov. 11 games are up in the air. If the games are not on the aircraft carrier they will be played at the Citadel.

This is a good idea since the Air Force basketball has struggled recently and any extra publicity that can help them add quality players is a good idea. Perhaps the game may be picked up by one of the ESPN channels, likely ESPNU, or maybe CBS Sports Network.

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