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Fresno State Wide Receiver Jalen Saunders Transferring To Oklahoma

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The Fresno St. Bulldogs are losing their top wide receiver from last season as Jalen Saunders has decided to transfer to Oklahoma. In 2011 Saunders earned All-WAC honors while hauling in 50 receptions for 1,065 yards and 12 touchdowns, and as a freshman he had another 30 catches and three touchdowns. Plus, Saunders was a key player in the return game where he had 32 kickoffs for 743 yards in his two years.

The changes to the coaching staff is a primary reason Saunders left for Oklahoma:

"Well you know I went to spring ball and everything, we brought in a new offensive coordinator, our offense switched up a little bit. It had been more pro-style, three and four wide receiver sets. The way I was utilized in the offense is similar to what I'll be doing at Oklahoma," Saunders explained.

"This spring I went through all of it, and we had this new OC, and I was stuck at this one position. I felt like my talent could be used at another school.

"I just felt like after spring ball, my talents could be pushed at a better school."

This puts a dent in Fresno State's passing game however, they do have some depth with sophomore Josh Harper who as a freshman had 32 receptions, 475 yards and three touchdowns, plus they have junior Isaiah Burse who had 40 receptions, 436 yards and a touchdown.

The Fresno State passing offense could have been one of the better one's in the Mountain West, but without Saunders they will take a step back in the passing game.

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