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Mountain West Offered Boise State More Revenue To Stay In The Mountain West

More information is coming out about the meetings between the Mountain West and Boise State even though Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle is saying no meetings took place.

Well, the one-time offer to Boise State was not just a one-time offer to stay in the Mountain West, but it was one that was going to offer Boise State a preferred proportion of the leagues revenue if they stayed, and continued to play at a high level.

Colorado State athletic director Jack Graham was one of two Mountain West athletic directors who traveled to Boise State with Crag Thompson, and he provided the details of the offer:

The plan included revenue sharing among conference members in proportion to the success of that school, a plan that would have allowed Boise State's powerful football program to keep a higher percentage of its revenue than it did this year under the conference's equal revenue sharing plan.


"We also knew that in providing them with a set of terms that we were putting ourselves at risk that they would use our terms to get more favorable terms from the Big East or another conference," Graham said Tuesday evening. "So we made it clear it was a one-time offer, that they needed to understand that it was a one-time offer, and the Mountain West Conference is moving on.

This makes more sense to why this was a one-time offer.

Also, according to the same report, Graham only decided to step up and say something because he was surprised to hear that Coyle said that no meetings took place about staying in the Mountain West. Graham also said that the offer was on the table for about a week for Boise State to accept or reject the offer.

The positive with this is that Craig Thompson really has been trying to keep Boise State this time and with a favorable offer to earn more money if their football team has continued success. The only reason Boise State would decline is that they still feel that they can earn more money in the Big East even with the latest offer from the Mountain West.

Then there is this from commenter SierraSpartan who puts it best:


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