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Conference Expansion: Air Force Is Being Targeted To Join Big East In 2015, According To A Report

Here we go again, more conference realignment rumors, and the latest comes from the Big East spring meetings and involves the Air Force Falcons being a target to join the Big East in 2015. Air Force has already rejected the Big East multiple times in joining as a football-only member, and the latest attempt would more than likely feature the same offer by the Big East and sane answer from Air Force.

The report comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer ans says that Air Force is being targeted alongside BYU to join the Big East in a few years:

The conference is expected to grow to 14 teams in 2015. That's when Navy joins for football only. Brigham Young or Air Force is expected to join Navy, according to multiple sources at the spring meetings.

This should not come as a shock to anyone who has followed along with conference expansion, but both schools have decided against joining the Big East. The reason to add Air Force would be to shore up a more true Western Division with Boise State and San Diego State, and give reasons for Boise State to not reconsider their move to the Big East.

With Boise State having issues finding a landing spot for their non-football sports, it may just give Air Force another reason to once again decline an offer to join the Big East and still in a more secure situation.

Adding BYU makes more sense and would be easier since their non-football sports could still stay in the West Coast Conference, assuming the Big East and BYU can come to terms.

The rumors will just never end in conference expansion, but in this case I see Air Force staying long-term in the Mountain West.

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