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Making The Rounds: More (National) Expansion News And Randomness

UNLV basketball to play a pair of games in Ottawa and Montreal during August tour - Las Vegas Sun
Plans for the UNLV basketball team’s summer trip to Canada were released Friday. The Rebels will play four exhibition games north of the border from Aug. 16 to 22 during their stay in Ottawa and Montreal. In Ottawa, they will play Aug. 18 against Carleton University and Aug. 19 against Ottawa University. Games in Montreal will be played Aug. 20 and 21 against a to be determined opponent.

Wyoming Has Some Future Football Schedules To Fill - Cowboy Altitude
The Cowboys have some holes to fill in future schedules due to Utah State now becoming a Mountain West member.

Can Boise State get to 10 wins in 2012? A game-by-game analysis - One Bronco Nation Under God
What the schedule holds for the Broncos and their quest for double-digit wins.

Big West Confidential: Interview with a Blogger: OBNUG

2012 College Football Season Preview: The Mountain West Is Complete - Football Study Hall
A summary of previews for the 2012 Mountain West football season.

Rebel Reign - The source for UNLV Basketball: Reggie Smith headed back to the midwest

Stanford Coaching Job Renamed In Andrew Luck's Honor --
No joke, the offensive coordinator position for Stanford is now named the Andrew Luck Director of Offense due to an anonymous donor.

2012 Army, Navy Football Previews: When 'More Than A Game' Is Not A Cliche -
Both Army and Navy took steps backwards in 2011 after riding their underdog strategies of choice to bowls the previous season. Will each team bounce back in 2012? Will Army ever beat Navy again? And...

Big 12 Expansion: FSU, Clemson In Touch, But Texas Reportedly Wants Notre Dame -
Here we go again with Notre Dame to the Big 12.

Virginia Tech To SEC Rumors Also Return: Oh, How We've Missed Them -
Will the SEC go to 16 teams?