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Friday Press Conference Scheduled To Announce San Jose State, Utah State As Latest Mountain West Members

The day has finally come for Utah State and San Jose State to join the Mountain West. At least on the Utah State side, they have been trying to join the Mountain West for over a year while San Jose State has been rumored to join during that same time and is extremely happy they are out of the sinking ship known as the WAC.

According to multiple reports, Utah State and San Jose State have submitted everything and a press conference is expected to be on Friday:

The move officially puts the Mountain West at 10 football playing members and nine basketball playing set teams. It has been discussed many times about what this does for the league. It makes the football side more secure and the basketball side is an improvement since Utah State brings in a solid program that has won 20-plus game in 12 out of their last 14 games and 13 in a row during that time.

While San Jose State brings in potential for the Bay Area market if they can provide a winner then it will be a home run addition, and the worst thing that one can say about the San Jose State addition is that they are an extra team to stabilize the league.

That sums it up, so welcome to the league guys.

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