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Making The Rounds: WAC Will Make It (LOL), Playoff News

With the WAC on life support, Boise State hoops faces uncertain future | The Dagger
If Boise State follows through with its plan to leave the Mountain West and join the Big East in football either in 2012 or 2013, the options for its often-overlooked basketball program look less appealing by the day.

WAC officials vow conference will remain viable --

Semifinal anchor bowl hosting currently leading BCS playoff option --
In hindsight, I should have patented it. Then again, how could I have known that a mostly-for-fun idea I dreamt up for a Nov. 4, 2009 Mailbag might one day become the basis for college football's first playoff.

College Football Playoffs: Which 2 Bowls Should Be Added To The BCS? -
If the BCS becomes a four-team playoff supplemented by four other mega bowls, which two games should be added to the BCS rotation?

My (Hopefully) Final College Football Playoff Proposal: Four Team Bowl Event with a Flex Wild Card " FRANK THE TANK'S SLANT

BCS Playoff Might Not Be the Only Postseason Tournament - Team Speed Kills
The NCAA will have to change some rules to allow a college football playoff, but that might throw the door open for radical postseason changes.

Malcolm Gladwell Says Cancel College Football - Off Tackle Empire
Not a chance, bro.

UW post-spring depth chart | The Cowboy Chronicles

Former Wyoming Cowboys Sign As Undrafted Free Agents - Cowboy Altitude
Former Wyoming Cowboy Alvester Alexander has signed with the Chicago Bears, Tashaun Gipson with the Cleveland Browns and Brian Hendricks with the Washington Redskins.

Rebels need the summer to try to become a team with more than potential - Las Vegas Sun
The upcoming months are just as important as any stretch of time the UNLV football team will have, including the 2012 season. Without the days in the weight room, player-run practices at Rebel Park in the sweltering heat and time to further learn the playbook, UNLV doesn’t have much chance to perform better than the teams that won two games each of the last two seasons.

Rebel Reign - The source for UNLV Basketball: Roster Preview: 2012-13 Forwards