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Air Force's Asher Clark Removed From Academy For Drug Violation

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Air Force Falcons running back Asher Clark has been removed from school less than a week prior to graduation. The school, football team and Clark have been silent on the issue, but according to the Colorado Springs Gazette the dismissal from school is drug related:

However, multiple sources who did not want their names used because Air Force didn’t announce the reason for Clark’s departure, said he was disenrolled as part of the investigation into illegal drug use.


The academy’s investigation into drug use expanded to involve 31 cadets, and the academy announced that some were involved in intercollegiate athletics. The academy announced in mid-January that 15 cadets were suspected of using a banned substance other than alcohol, tobacco or drugs prescribed to cadets.

This also explains why Clark did not attend the April 23 meet and greet at the White House with President Barack Obama since Air Force won the Commander-In-Chief Trophy. However, the official reason from the school for Clark not attending was for not meeting academic standards.

Clark was a four-starter for Air Force and finished his career with the second-most rushing yards, and as a senior in 2011, Clark ran for 1,110 yards and seven touchdowns.

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