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Insight Bowl is changing it's name: A Create-Your-Own-Bowl-Game Adventure

The Insight Bowl is getting a new name due to their sponsorship with Insight Enterprises ending. So here's your chance to have a little fun with a new name and corresponding sponsorship. I've given a few examples here so you can get started:


The Big Mack Bowl sponsored by Texas HC Mack Brown (note, the Big XII rep will always be Texas)

The Sedona Bowl sponsored by the city of Sedona

The Pirate Bowl sponsored by Mike Leach and Disney

The Animal Bowl sponsored by PetSmart

The Fly Whenever You Want bowl sponsored by US Airways (note, this bowl will be played in the US Airways center: Arena Football Rules)

The Peter Piper Pizza Bowl (special halftime guest Yanni)

The Sky Mall Bowl (this would have my favorite gift sets for the players)

The Coldstone Bowl (note: instead of using footballs, players must play with football ice cream cakes)

Let's see how many wacky and clever names come up...the winner will get bragging rights (and if you like you can submit your idea to that sponsor and see if they take you seriously!).

Cleverness and silliness are encouraged, however if you have a serious bowl name/sponsor throw it in!