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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: Vegas Does Not Like Colorado State's At-Large Chances

Bubble Watch is in full effect for many teams including the Colorado St. Rams. Currently the Rams are one of the last teams to make the tournament depending on where one looks. They range from playing in the opening round game or in the field of 64 as a No. 12 seed.

The selection committee has a lot of different metrics to use to vote a team into the tournament, but typically the outdated RPI gets used the most as does how well a team played in their last 10 games.

Over at Out Kick the Coverage, they consulted Todd Fuhrman of Caesar's Palace to rank 12 bubble teams, and Colorado State did not fare well:

1. Texas (11-0)
2. VCU (10-1)
3. Miami (9-2)
4. N.C. State (7-2-1)
5. Xavier (3-4-4)
5. Northwestern (3-4-4)
5. St. Joe's (3-4-4)
8. Tennessee (2-4-5)
8. Oregon (2-4-5)
10. Dayton (1-9-1)
11. South Florida (0-8-3)
12. Colorado State (0-11)

The way to figure out who is ranked where is having a line placed against each team on a neutral court, and Colorado State being last means that they were not favored against any of these opponents.

The chart is somewhat hard to read, but the line is not too large against any team. The largest is six points against Texas with the smallest being 1.5 against Dayton.


An interesting exercise but the best way for Colorado State to avoid this would be to make it to the finals of the Mountain West tournament.

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