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Final Four Tickets: I Know You Want Them

Sponsored Editorial from TiqIQ

Over the past few years, fans have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Too many brackets were busted thanks to mid majors like George Mason, Butler, and VCU to expect a chalk result. Even this year's tournament kicked off with an historic weekend as two 15-seeds (Norfolk State & Lehigh) upset two 2-seeds (Missouri & Duke).

However, after the clock hit triple zero on Sunday and a No. 2-seed Kansas had defeated 1-seed UNC, fans were left with two No. 2-seeds (Ohio State & Kansas), the tournament's #1 overall seed (Kentucky), a No. 4-seed (Louisville) and their brackets largely in tact. Is this more surprising than the unexpected? Maybe so; but next weekend fans still have three great matchups at which to look forward.

As alumni from all over the country descend upon New Orleans over the next few days, ticket inventory will being to dwindle. But don't fear, our partners at TiqIQ have teamed up with Primesport, the official TicketExchange of the NCAA tournament, to bring you great deals on not only premium tickets, but also Paperless Tickets, for this marquee event. Select a Paperless ticket and you can gain entry to The Superdome using just your credit card at an exclusive entrance between gates G & H on game day.

Even better news? This morning, the get-in price for tickets to semi-final action started are hovering around $230/ticket; championship tickets can be had for less than $170/ticket.

Check out deals for the entire weekend here: