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Colorado State's Tim Miles To Sign Five-Year Deal To Be Nebraska's Next Head Coach

Well that was quick. After five years of a steady incline of success, Colorado St. Rams head coach Tim Miles is soon to be former Rams head coach as he is expected to sign a five-year deal with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. There is press conference scheduled for Saturday morning to announce the hiring.

CBS Sports college basketball writer Jeff Goodman broke the news:

That is a good amount of money to pay Miles, and is well deserved since he brought the Rams from one of the worst teams in the Mountain West to one that contended and beat the heavy weights in the league, and take the school to the NCAA Tournament this season. Miles was to get a raise that would pay him above $700,000 this season up from $500,000, but the allure of coaching in the Big 10 and making just under $1.5 million per year was too much to pass up.

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