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Big East, West Virginia Reach $20 Million Settlement, Boise State Now Has A Choice To Make

So, money can get you out of a contract. I recall Big East commissioner John Marinatto saying that West Virginia would be held to the 27-month timeframe before they could leave the Big East. Well, the Big East and West Virginia reached a settlement that will net the Big East $20 million, according to the Charleston Daily Mail:

On Thursday, a source close to the negotiations said the additional $9 million would come in the form of contributions from other Big 12 member schools.

In that proposed scenario, WVU's $11 million payment would cover three things: The Big East's $5 million exit fee, Boise State's $5 million buyout fee, and $1 million to match what each Big 12 school is paying.

That would raise the total value of the settlement to $20 million.

There was thought that Boise State would have to be heading to the Big East to allow West Virginia to leave for the Big 12 this year, but that is not the case. However, with this $20 million windfall the Big East can now bring in Boise State and cover all of their fees. Boise State's exit fee technically is higher because in addition to $5 million they would have to pay back all revenue they earned. So, that would add maybe another $2 to $3 million.

With Boise State already talking to the WAC about moving their non-football sports a year earlier than expected, they now have a choice to make if they want to leave the Mountain West and go to the Big East for the 2012 season. Boise State leaving the Mountain West would not change the football schedule as much as West Virginia leaving the Big East does. The Mountain West would drop from 10 teams to nine teams and instead of skipping a conference opponent the league would change to a true round-robin schedule, and the teams would still be playing the same amount of conference games.

I'll say it again: If the Big East is paying Boise State's fees they are going to be a member of the Big East in 2012.

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