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Nevada Hires Former Hawaii Offensive Coordinator Nick Rolovich to Same Position at Nevada

Heading into their first season in the Mountain West, Nevada has juggled its coaching staff in the past few weeks. After losing defensive coordinator Andy Buh to Wisconson, coach Chris Ault decided against hiring a replacement for Buh instead electing to seek out someone to take over his duties as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. That man will be Nick Rolovich, Nevada announced on Wednesday. Rolovich has been a coach at Hawaii the past 4 years, serving the past two as the offensive coodinator for one of the top passing offenses in the country.

In a change from the normal coaching scheme at Nevada, Coach Ault will be relinquishing his duties as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach to Rolovich, allowing Ault to be more involved on the defensive side of the ball. It's a surprising change, since Ault has basically held those two positions for his entire 27-year stint at Nevada. The move will allow Ault someone to bounce ideas off of on offense, so the hope is to see the Nevada offense become even more potent.

“They were just the opposite of us,” Ault said of Hawaii’s offense. “We run it. They throw it. I want to throw it better. We were a good throwing team last year. There’s no question about it. But what he brings to the table with the one-back, the no-back, the empty concepts, the concepts they use with their receivers, we can add all that to our offense. Again, we’re not going to the Hawaii offense. We are running the Pistol offense. But we’ll have several different looks to it now.”

Even after losing Buh, Nevada will not make any new hires on defense. Instead they will stick with the four current coaches and promote last year's secondary coach Mike Bradeson to defensive coordinator. This will not be Bradeson's first go around as a defensive coordinator, as he served as UNLV's defensive coordinator from 2000-2004. Nevada is still looking to hire an offensive line coach and running backs coach.