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Dillon Baxter Dismissed From San Diego State Football Team

Looks like the issues surrounding Dillon Baxter about sitting out spring practice were not minor issues. Wednesday head coach Rocky Long made a short announcement about Baxter being dismissed:

"He's no longer part of the program."

Long would not elaborate any further outside of saying that he and Baxter had an understanding. It was only a week ago when it was announced that Baxter was going to sit out spring practice to take care of some personal issues, so whatever happened must have been a big deal. Some known issues were that Baxter had attendance issues and fell asleep in study hall. It is good to hear that San Diego State is not just going to let anyone with talent get a pass for the rules, because it shows that no player is immune to punishment.

This is a sad story with a player who had a lot of talent, but failed to follow the rules at USC and now San Diego State and now has few options for his football playing career. He can still transfer to another school, but at this point an FCS or lower division school is the likely destination and then declare for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Baxter could have helped San Diego State in 2013 when they make the move to the Big East, but now it goes down as one of those stories of a super-hyped recruit who flames out because they can not stay in line.

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