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Mountain West Could Still Receive AQ Status For 2012 Season

As is said in the movie Dumber and Dumber, "So you are saying there is a chance." That is exactly what BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock is saying. One thing going for the Mountain West is that the league knows who is going to be there in 2012, and it will include the Boise St. Broncos. With Boise State in the league for 2012 it will definitely give a boost in the chances that the Mountain West does get the coveted AQ status

Brett McMurphy from CBS Sports is reporting that the Hancock is looking to speed up the process by getting the Presidential Oversight Committee together:

BCS executive director Bill Hancock told Wednesday that the BCS will continue to try to get the Presidential Oversight Committee together on a conference call, but Hancock said there is no immediate deadline when the committee would vote and one may not be conducted until the start of the season, in late August or early September.

I understand that getting a people in the committee together, but the vote may not be done until the season starts? There has to be a way to get everyone together and to vote by early August.

If the exemption is granted it would only be for one season since in 2013 the Mountain West would no longer exist. T/he argument that the Mountain West is bringing forward is that the Big East and ACC have not met the criteria to be a BCS league but they still retain their status.

The BCS has gone on record saying that the ACC will keep their BCS status regardless of performance since they have a tie-in with Orange Bowl, and for the Big East the BCS says that there is no criteria to be removed from AQ status once in. The Mountain West has argued against that and saying they need to be consistent in their standards.

To me I feel that the criteria to become a BCS league is the same criteria to retain status, but the BCS does not see it that way for some reason. The odds of this actually going the Mountain West's way is highly unlikely, partly because TCU's numbers are included and they are going to be in the Big 12.

Even by getting BCS status for only one year it will help the league financially and give credibility to the new league that between Mountain West and Conference USA. That could assist in getting a better television deal by having a team that was in the BCS just the prior year. Also, with the new format following the 2013 season it could provide beneficial for the Mountain West to have that one year of BCS status, because they might possibly have some consideration for the new format, what ever it is.

As for the actual chances of this happening, I give it less than a 25 percent chance of happening, however if the BCS actually is logical and realizes that the Big East and ACC did not meet the criteria and were still able to retain status without going through the Presidential Oversight Committee then the Mountain West should be included.

However, when was the last time the BCS used logic.

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