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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: Mountain West Looking Like A Three-Bid League

Mountain West basketball has had a turbulent two weeks with upsets happening all over the place and that is affecting the number bids the league will be getting in the NCAA tournament, and it seems that the number will be three. San Diego State, UNLV and New Mexico are the three teams on the right side of bubble in this weeks Bubble Watch.

Even though New Mexico leads the Mountain West there are not considered a lock for the tournament and are currently a No. 8 seed. As for UNLV and San Diego State they are still locks despite not leading the Mountain West, and both schools have slipped in the rankings since UNLV lost to TCU and San Diego State recently losing to New Mexico. UNLV is a No. 4 seed and San Diego State is a No. 6.

Wyoming is no longer being considered after losing two straight games after defeating UNLV, and Colorado State has slipped as well by losing back-to-back games to TCU and Boise State. Colorado State still has a chance to get back into the NCAA tournament picture as they still play New Mexico, San Diego State and UNLV, so if Colorado State can somehow win two of those games they should earn consideration for the NCAA tournament.

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