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Big East Still Trying To Lure Boise State To Join In 2012

The Big East is not giving up on trying to lure Boise State to join in 2012 instead of 2013. After all the Big East currently has only seven members for football this year, and the rematch plan within conference play is not being received well.

As I mentioned last week,Boise State would would make the move if their expenses were covered, and Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle wants their finances to be in order if they are to move to the Big East in 2012:

"Before we make any move, we need to make sure we cover all our expenses," Coyle said. "If a transition takes place now, there are expenses we need to cover before we make a move."

It would cost Boise State between $7.5 million and $9 million to leave the Mountain West this fall. The Broncos could owe the Western Athletic Conference - where their other spots programs are headed - additional money as well for joining that league a year early.

Now there is another wrinkle in the mix if Boise State football is going to join the Big East a year early which is the merger between Mountain West and Conference USA. The merger could involve WAC schools since the new league is looking to get to 18-24 teams. There are already rumors that Utah State could be heading to the Mountain West and with WAC commissioner Karl Benson leaving to take the same position with the Sun Belt does not bode hope for the WAC long term.

It looks like it will come down to where the non-football sports will land because right now the WAC is on life support and the only options would be to wait and see if the WAC is stable, join the Big Sky or Big West. The Big Sky currently has 12 basketball playing member starting in 2012 and the Big West is a bus league outside of Hawaii. With the MWC-Conference USA merger Boise State will likely take its time, because if they join the WAC and it fails to exist in a few years they are out of luck, well unless the currently unnamed new league will let them in for non-football sports.

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