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Utah State, New Mexico State, FIU Could Be Added To MWC, C-USA Merger

The Mountain West and Conference USA merger is moving forward, and now the new league is looking at adding more teams to get to the 18-24 teams that were mentioned in the press release. According to the UTEP student newspaper The Prospector New Mexico State, Utah State and Florida International are being considered:

[UTEP AD Diana] Natalicio said the additional schools to comprise the 18-24-team conference have not been discussed but she said that Utah State (currently in the WAC) and Florida International (Sun Belt) have been discussed. UTEP Athletic Director also said that NMSU (WAC) is also on their list of possible candidates.

Not that geography really matters, so why not go after some teams that have not been good in football in a very long time, or really ever. New Mexico State is barely better than New Mexico, but I guess Florida International and Utah State are all right since the two schools look to be heading in the right direction since they both made bowl games this year.

Look for a lot of rumors and speculation to be reported about who could be new additions, and each time be disappointment since any team that is going to be considered will not make anyone excited.

Also in that article, Natalicio mentions that the new league is looking to have four divisions, something similar to the old-WAC which UTEP is very familiar with.

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