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Rapper Flavor Flav Is A UNLV Fan

When rapper/reality star (he has a tv show so I guess that counts) appeared in the student section of this past Saturday's game against San Diego State it seemed like a stunt. Well that is not exactly the case as Flav was invited to attend UNLV games and enjoyed it that he became a regular.

His appearance in the student section was his first but, he is not just jumping on the bandwagon because UNLV is good. Flav even attended the open house of the new Mendenhall Center.

Now with a well-known figure for UNLV, I am hoping that they make a deep NCAA tournament run so that there can be more shots of Flava Flav in the crowd for UNLV games. The way UNLV has been playing it seems like a sure thing.

Here is Flav running some suicides in the new Mendenhall Center:

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