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Arizona State President Calling For An Eight-Team Playoff

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The Big 10 has already tossed out their support for a four-team playoff model, but Arizona State president Michael Crow thinking bigger and want an eight-team playoff. Crow has been in favor of an eight-team playoff since January, and he recently told the Arizona Republic that the his Pac-12 counterparts are not keen on the current BCS set up:

"The reason for this new model [Crow's eight-team playoff proposal] is the model we have right now is not conducive to the long-term success of college football," Crow said.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said the conference has not yet taken a position on the future of the BCS.

"We are open-minded, and we'll continue to look at some creative approaches. I am confident we can improve upon post-season college football," Scott said in an e-mail to The Republic.

Crow's plan is to include conference champions only and run through the NCAA and away from the bowls which he says have been corrupt. He should know since the Fiesta Bowl scandal was in his backyard.

The only problem with an eight-team playoff with only conference champions is that it would leave deserving teams out, and would likely include two conference champions who may or may not be deserving from the Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt or WAC. Historically one of those conference champions would be a worthy team, but finding a second team that could compete would be a stretch in most years.

There definitely will be a lot of negotiations going on (probably for a very long time) to determine what the best playoff option would be. So get used to a lot of these trickling out.

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