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NCAA Bubble Watch: Four Teams In, Wyoming Oh So Close To Being No. 5

The latest NCAA tournament Bubble Watch is out on SB Nation and there are four Mountain West teams once again in the field with UNLV and San Diego State are still considered locks as a No. 3 and No. 4 seed. San Diego State is actually on the cusp of earning a three seed as they are the highest of the four seeds. San Diego State and UNLV host each other this week so look for the winner to jump up a seed line and the other to fall at least one see line come the next Bracketology update.

New Mexico is currently on the bubble, but are fairly safe as a No. 9 seed, however Colorado State is still in at a No. 12 seed and is avoiding the opening round game. Colorado State did not play this week so they had no chance to help or hurt their chances, and no other team was able to replace them. Then there is Wyoming who has not played since their upset over UNLV last Saturday and they are one of the first four teams out.

This Saturday there are key matchups that could shape the at-large chances of Mountain West teams:

-- Wyoming at New Mexico, 3:30 p.m. ET (The Mtn)

-- San Diego State at UNLV, 4 p.m. ET (NBC Sports Network)

-- Colorado State at TCU 8 :30 p.m. ET

I will assume that Colorado State will win that game to not effect their bubble status, it is not a qualify win, but a game that they can not afford to lose. Last time the two teams met it went to double overtime with Colorado State winning 95-89.

San Diego State and UNLV matter only to seeding and not much more, but the big game with NCAA tournament implications is Wyoming at New Mexico. A Wyoming win would likely put them in the tournament and probably around a No. 13 seed or maybe an opening round No. 12 seed, and a loss for New Mexico could knock them further to the wrong side of the bubble and maybe even out of the next bracket update. The last time these two teams played New Mexico won by 10 points.

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