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Chris Ault could return to the sidelines

Former Nevada head coach Chris Ault could serve as a consultant in the NFL.


When Chris Ault announced he was no longer going to be the Nevada Wolf Pack head coach, he did not use the word retire, but he said he was stepping down. However, he did mention that he did not see him returning to any capacity within the Nevada athletic department.

Ault feels that he has a lot of football left in him:

"I'm not using the word retire because that's not in the vocabulary," Ault said. "We'll see. Do I have anything waiting? No. My whole goal is focused on leaving this program in the best way possible."


"I have a lot left in me," Ault said. "I'm in my offensive prime. I feel good about where I'm at. My energy level is still very high. Whether I coach again, I don't know."

Ault's first priority is not to get back into coaching, but he wants to help Nevada in any way he can to help the school find a new head coach.

Once Ault is ready to help a football team, he will be in a very high demand. NFL teams are already utilizing part of Ault's Pistol scheme, as are a lot of college football teams. So, if Ault wants to consult or coach, he will have plenty of offers.

Plus, Ault said he is not going to go out and fish every day, but he still wants to keep finding new ways to be innovated on offense.