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Tommy Lee steps down as Hawai'i offensive coordinator

Hawai'i will be in search for a new offensive coordinator as Tommy Lee retires.


The Hawaii Warriors offense did not go as planned in Norm Chow's first year as head coach. Chow hired Tommy Lee to be his offensive coordinator, but the hire was questionable at best. Lee had not coached since 2007 where he was the head coach at Montana Western.

Well, Hawai'i will be looking for a new coach to run the offense as Lee announced last week that he is retiring from coaching:

"This opportunity to come back to finish my career and to work with Norm I've totally enjoyed, but being away from home takes its toll," said Lee, who has a home in Dillon, Mont. "The people you meet and work with, that's the biggest thing I'll miss the most, more than the wins and losses, it's the relationships you build with the staff and players. If you are successful, that's a bonus.

"What's most rewarding is being able to see guys you work with at different stops in your career and they tell you thank you. That's the reward in this profession. This staff, I have no doubt, will be successful in the years to come."

It is very unlikely that Chow will take over the offensive coordinator position since he recently said being head coach and quarterback coach was too much, which is why he hired Jordan Wynn to take over that job.

The Warriors offense was just awful this past year which was 121st in total yards. It would make sense for the next coordinator to bring back the pass-heavy offense that Hawai'i has been known for. No names have surfaced as to who will become Hawai'i's next offensive coordinator.