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Nevada coaching search: Keeping the Pistol, or fix the defense

Nevada is looking for a new head coach to replace Chris Ault who stepped down on Friday.


The Nevada Wolf Pack are looking for a new head coach, and the timing could not be any worse. Current athletic director Cary Groth is set to retire on June30, 2013, so whoever is the new head coach will not know who their boss will be.

Outside of those logistics, the Nevada football program wants to find a coach that can keep the Pistol offense alive. Some early names on Ault's replacement started with Nevada first-year offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich, but Ault felt that there was no one on the current staff who was ready to be a head coach. Plus, Rolovich just accepted the offensive coordinator job at Temple.

Another name that was mentioned was the man who helped Ault create the Pistol offense and that is Jim Mastro. Mastro is the current running backs coach at Washington State, and when he was asked about taking head coaching job at Nevada he did not want to discuss that.

Keeping the Pistol offense would be the best option since that is what the current players were brought into do, plus quarterback Cody Fajardo is a great player at running that offense. However, the defense has been terrible over the past few years, and that must be addressed.

The best idea would be to build a staff around the Pistol and then hire a good defensive coordinator to whip this defense into shape.

Here is video from the Reno Journal-Gazette about what Nevada should do next: