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VIDEO: ESPN totally disrespects Northern Illinois selection

During ESPN's BCS selection show the talent openly bashes Northern Illinois for their inclusion to the BCS.


All I can say is wow! The way ESPN treated Northern Illinois inclusion to the BCS was extremely disrespectful. Kirk Herbstreit was the worst offender in all of this saying how he is grateful that the new system will be up and running soon, but even in the new system it would be Northern Illinois in a big many bowl game.

He also called it a "sad state for college football" and saying they don't deserve to be in a BCS bowl game. Well, those are the rules that are put in place, so blame Louisville or Wisconsin for not being a better team and ranked ahead of Northern Illinois. I also like how he says it is convenient now to gripe about how there is a team limit.

If getting Northern Illinois in is so much of a disgrace, then why should a five-loss Wisconsin not be equally as shameful to be heading to the Rose Bowl or a Louisville team is ranked at 21 and below Northern Illinois.

What Herbstreit fails to realize that the BCS was only intended to be No. 1 vs. No. 2, and not the 10 best teams in college football. Also, he mentions how that other non-BCS teams who made their way to a BCS game had some pub heading into the final half of the season, and he mentioned Hawaii. However, I took a quick look at Jeff Sagarin's ratings and the 2007 Hawaii team was ranked No. 35 and the 2012 Northern Illinois team is No. 24. Those are the combination of both of Sagarin's rating system, the one he uses for the BCS that does not include margin of victory while the other dose.

At least Rece Davis brings it back to bring up to why not complain about Wisconsin or Louisville, and Herbstreit channels his inner Craig James about saying the week in and week out schedule. That maybe true, but they made it by the rules that were put in place.

Just watch the video for yourself, and be prepared to be disgusted:

Also, check out Samuel Chi who looks at the bigger picture of Northern Illinois making a BCS bowl game.

Also watch this video featuring Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch, and he apparently is the only mature one in the room: