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Nevada looking to move Oregon, drop Florida State from 2013 schedule

Nevada is attempting to lighten their 2013 non-conference schedule.


The 2013 Nevada Wolf Pack team is expected to be a good team, but their record may not show for how good they are. Nevada currently opens the season at UCLA, then hosts Oregon and UC Davis then travel to take on Florida State. UCLA is likely to be a top 20 team while Oregon and Florida State possibly being top 10 teams.

With that type of schedule on the horizon for Nevada they are trying to shuffle around the schedule. Nevada associate athletic director Keith Hackett is in charge of football scheduling, and has been trying to change the schedule since last spring, with no success.

Nevada has been trying to find another opponent for Florida State, because if they cancel the game it will cost the Wolf Pack $1.2 million, $600,000 to buyout the game and the same amount which was to be paid will be lost. So far, there has been no success in finding an opponent for Florida State.

Hackett has also been trying to move the Oregon game to another date, but nothing has been able to be done on that front either. Conference realignment has made it difficult to get anything finalized, but Hackett says that they are close to getting something done.

The one bright spot about this tough schedule is that if Nevada can somehow go unscathed they would certainly be in the running for a BCS game, and if things to just right maybe even hace a shot at the title game by defeating three high quality teams.