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San Diego State committed to Big East, once again

Even with news that Boise State could be returning to the Mountain West, San Diego State is still planning on heading to the Big East.


The San Diego St. Aztecs are still very much committed to joining the Big East for football and the Big West for all other sports. Even with the news that Boise State is seriously looking at returning to the Mountain West, the Aztecs are not wavering from their move.

We do know that the Mountain West is using much more effort to keep Boise State in the league, and that there has reportedly been no contact from the Mountain West about keeping them in the Mountain West.

San Diego State athletic director Jim Sterk has not been able to be reached, but associate athletic director for media relations Mike May did respond. The Aztecs position has not changed and May said that they are committed to leaving the Mountain West, and will head to the Big East and Big West.

With San Diego State not being contacted and not interested in returning to the Mountain West, at this time. The Mountain West will turn their attention to try to add UTEP, SMU, Tulsa or Houston to get to 12 teams.

One logical reason why San Diego State might be adamant about the Big East is because if there is no Western partner by July 1, 2013 they can leave the Big East. It could just come down to money, because it is well known that California is broke, and the state schools do not have money flowing in. So, the Aztecs could just keep saying they are going to stay because they can't afford to move first and pay an exit fee to the Big East.

That would make sense for San Diego State to do and hope that Boise State leaves they get out for free, but if Boise State stays they are fine with that direction as well.

There seems nothing that will keep San Diego State in the Mountain West, and it is puzzling to why they are so adamant about heading to the Big East.