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Boise State attempting to retain home television rights

Boise State is trying to squeeze out as much money as possibly, and is now looking to see if the Big East or Mountain West will allow them to keep their home television rights.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Money rules all when it comes to changing conference, and the Boise St. Broncos are attempting a power play move to get them more money. What Boise State is trying to do is to keep their home television rights either from the Big East or Mountain West.

Boise State has contacted television executives about how much money they could possibly earn from home games if they are in the Big East or Mountain West. Apparently, one source is saying that one and maybe two leagues would concede to Boise State's demand.

However, a source from both the Big East and Mountain West say that is not going to happen because it will devalue the league's overall value. Plus, other league members would not go for this.

A source from this ESPN article is wondering if Boise State is starting to think they are bigger than they are

"Boise reminds me of the teenage recruit who is starting to believe he's the biggest star in town," a source said. "It might be a pretty big letdown when all is said and done. Actually the sentiment of 'who do they think they are' is starting to seep into conversations with folks across college football.

"Let's remember this isn't Alabama, or even Texas Tech, we're talking about. This sorry episode is starting to make it seem like Boise is one of the power assets in college football. In reality their value is relative to the conference they belong to."

This quote is extremely accurate, because we all slammed and bashed BYU who asked for the same deal when they were in talks with the Big East. Retaining home television rights is never going to happen, and as the source says this is not Alabama, Texas, USC or Florida State; it is Boise State.

While the Broncos have a solid national brand they do not have the pull to make this happen. In saying that, Boise State is trying to see if a league will allow them to keep their home television rights, and that is fine by me for them to try to make as much as possible, but it is not going to happen.